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Our Reviews

Our goal is to provide you with the best service. If you have enjoyed working with us please let us know. And if there is anything we can do to make your experience better we would be pleased to receive that feedback as well.

"I'm trying to understand why I am locked in at 8 o'clock. I work out of this facility I've never been locked in, locked out after eight yes but not locked in."
~Eric O'hara
"3 stars"
~Mr Me
"My name is Louis Bell. I have been a tenant at West Evans Storage for about 20 years. There are many reasons why I chose West Evans and remain there to this day:Location had much to do with it. I live in Capital Hill Denver and West Evans is 4.7 miles from my home. I can ride my bicycle, tricycle,motorcycle or Jeep to easily get there. The storage park is just blocks away from the Platte River bicycle trail. I'm a fairly serious bicycle rider and I love the Platte River trail. Denver is rated 5th in the nation for the best bicycle trails and West Evans makes itself very convenient for that reason. Sometimes I'll store one of my cycles there. That way I don't completely clutter up my home with bicycle and tricycle.The storage park is surrounded by substantial physical boundaries and security cameras with alarms. I've never had anything vandalized or stolen in all the years that I've been there.There are several different sizes of parking spaces designed to accommodate private, commercial, combination and recreational vehicles.There are large units (10'x12'x30') with electricity. These units are large enough to have businesses such as the one that I had for many years. I had a complete woodshop with room to spare. I was able to back my trailer in with my Jeep straight back without having to jackknife my trailer. In all the different units that I've had, I have never had any rain or flood damage. This is due in part to the well-designed concrete paved drainage system.Over the years, the owners have always hired the best management teams available. All management teams are well informed as to the policies and wishes of the owners. There have been four management teams in the twenty years that I've been a tenant there and I remain friends with some of these great people.The current management team, Cliff and Karen, have been in this field for over a decade. They are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I like them. I particularly like their vicious guard dog, Bambi. Very dangerous animal! Watch it!There's a restroom available in the office everyday during business hours six days a week. When closed, there is a well maintained chemical toilet outside. The office offers cold and hot drinking water from the dispenser. I believe there's free coffee, too. When Karen's not looking, you might be able to pilfer a piece of candy or two.I believe that one can have large items delivered there and if it's large and heavy, Cliff might help you move it with the forklift.There is a large dumpster on site available to tenants once you get it cleared with the office.There is also the occasional auction there. The office will let you know when they're scheduled. The auctions can be fun. They remind me a little bit of the gambling casinos West of town.There are package rental deals. I don't remember details but I know that you might pay for one year's rent in advance and get one of those months free. Something like that. The owners are interesting people. One of them likes bicycles and cats. Another one was in the Marines. He likes cars and guns. I'll bet it would be fun to hang out with them.I think that's it. I hope you come to West Evans to become one of my neighbors. Who knows? We might even become friends. Louis Bell"
~Louis Bell
"I give this Place a 5 star, great management , Karen, Cliff and Mike, these managers are very caring and helpful. This place is very organized and clean."
~Sam Babalmorad
"We have had a great experience here....friendly staff, secure, easy access for off hours, and a convenient location!! It meets all of our business needs."
~Lindsey Trees
"5 stars"
"My name is Louis Bell. I have been a tenant at West Evans Self Storage for about 20 years. Location was one of the reasons that I chose West Evans. It's 4.7 miles from where I live in Capital Hill, Denver. The South Platte River Trail is just blocks away from West Evans. Denver's bicycle paths are rated 5th in the country and I like to ride. West Evans is completely surrounded by boundaries and security cameras with alarms. I've never had anything stolen or vandalized in all the years that I've been there. West Evans has a variety of parking spaces. I just have a small parking space for my flatbed trailer but there are larger spaces for combination vehicles or large R.V.s. There is electricity in the larger units. For years, I rented a 10x12x30 unit. I could back my trailer and my truck straight in without having to execute a jack Knife. I would do woodworking on my trailer with a complete set of woodworking bench tools. I also had carpet on the concrete floor so that I could teach martial arts in there in the winter and we could stay warm with my propane heater. As you can tell, the large units are very versatile. All the different units that I've rented there have always been well maintained before they would let me move in. The owners, Jerry and Ron, have always hired the best people to represent them in the management of the storage park. The current management team, Cliff and Karen, have been in this field for over ten years and take care of all the tenants in a friendly and respectful manner and if you have something heave to move, Cliff has a forklift to help you. There's a clean restroom in the office to use during business hours. Other times there is a conveniently located and well maintained porta potty. There's cold water in the office and you might get some candy if the vicious guard dog, Bambi, isn't watching. There's a nice big dumpster on the grounds but you'll need to ask Cliff or Karen if you can use it. The parking lot is covered with gravel and there's a well designed concrete drainage system to keep the place from flooding. In the winter, Cliff gets out in sub-zero weather and sicks the snow plow on the snow. Sometimes they have an auction and you can make out like a bandit. The auctions can be fun. They sometimes remind me of the gambling casinos West of town. There are sometimes package rental deals that one can take advantage of there. I don't remember specific details on this. It seems to me that one can pay for 12 months in advance and get one of the months free. Something like that. I think that they have another deal like that but I don't know what the current offerings are. Both the owners are interesting individuals. I know that Jerry likes bicycles and cats. Ron was in the Marines. He likes old cars and guns. There both good people. I like them. Ron and Jerry both rode my recumbent tricycle. I suspect they would be fun to hang with. Time for my supper. I hope that you will rent one or more of the of the offerings at West Evans. Maybe you and I will become neighbors or friends. I smell food. I'm outa' here."
~Louis Bell
"I've had wonderful experiences with the management here, Karen and Cliff. They're always available and very helpful."
~Joy Wolf
"I've been using West Evans Self Storage for over twenty years, and have always been treated courteously and with respect. Whatever my needs have been (and they have changed over the years), the staff has been helpful and eager to accommodate me. I strongly recommend them."
~Clem Cykowski
"Staff and facility are friendly and helpful. We have been helped a lot and my problems were solved. Thank you very much to Karen & Cliff."
~Sunny Day