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Metro Denver Self Storage

4 customer reviews

Our goal is to provide you with the best service. If you have enjoyed working with us please let us know. And if there is anything we can do to make your experience better we would be pleased to receive that feedback as well.

"When my father passed away, i was handling everything i needed to and unfortunately he had stored all his furniture at this facility. The people were horrible! Lady yelled at us and was a completely rotten person inside and out. i would not recommend this storage. there are soooo many out there"
~Nickie Stark
"At first they seemed like nice people, Sharon and Larry. But when I had to deal with their troll kid who acted like he owned the facility it went downhill from there. I tried to get a hold of the owner of Chambers Self Storage in Aurora which is owned by Metro Denver Self Storage. They own places in Lakewood and Denver. Well you have to go through the managers to get in touch with the owners, so if you have a problem with a manager, good luck talking to the owner's. Anyway, Sharon and Larry's troll couldn't give me any exact measurement of the clearance height of the opening in a unit I wanted to rent. I wanted to put my Dodge Ram 1500 truck in there once a week. He said my trucks too tall and even if it cleared by a few inches, he wasn't going to take the chance of me tearing HIS garage door off. As if I wouldn't want to check first to see if it would even fit. He wouldn't give me that opportunity to even check that out. He just said he wasn't going to rent to me. I tried getting in touch with the owners to no avail. I came back and tried to talk to these people again and they got real crappy with me and said there was no way they were going to rent to me. This has been the most unreasonable rotten people I have never even had to pay money to in my life and I've met a bunch. They also told me the owner called me back and talked to me from a Hawaii area code number which is a lie. I never talked to the owner. The owner lives in Greenwood Village on South Franklin. Shady people for sure."
~Jame Koopman
"1 stars"
~A Google User
"Very clean and well kept units. Friendly staff and excellent security all at an affordable price."
~Robert Beaty